Basketball is not a culture - it's a MOVEMENT

The Reggae Rockers Basketball Association began at a local court where players of all ages and demographics would play recreationally. Not all players had the means to compete in an organised competition, so we helped provide our players with the opportunity to play and support their journey to this day. 
Reggae Rockers registered its first team in 2021 and has gone from strength to strength. From only a handful of players to a membership of over fifty, our players have the skills, resilience and hunger which has made them the role models they are today.
Basketball has all the elements of life including vision, purpose, synergy, responsibility, mentorship, teamwork, focus and family.
It takes a community to build a great basketball team, and as we grow as players, we grow as individuals. 
Reggae Rockers Basketball Association – where we believe in community before basketball.